The future of reforestation carbon credits

reforestation and high-quality carbon credits
September 18, 2023

Pre-order our next White Paper and take part in one of our two Webinars

On October 26, to mark Sustainability Day, MORFO will publish its white paper entitled "The future of reforestation carbon credits: Prioritizing biodiversity and socio-economic benefits for efficient carbon sequestration". You can now pre-order this publication and, if you wish, register for one of our two webinars.

To take part in one of our webinars or pre-order the white paper, please fill in this form:

The future of carbon reforestation credits

A guide to the future of reforestation financing

This 36-page white paper, drawn up over a six-month period, is aimed at professionals involved in reforestation, including investors, project promoters, journalists and organizations.

In this paper you'll find:

  • An inventory of financing needs for reforestation
  • The search for a virtuous financing model
  • An informed perspective on the function of carbon credits, preservation and restoration
  • Characteristics of high-quality reforestation projects
  • A clash of ideas between credit advocates, advocates of high-quality certificates and promoters of new financing methods

This white paper provides valuable information on financing reforestation and dispels common misconceptions.

The paper includes:

  • +15 interviews with international experts (full list available on October 26)
  • A compilation of 40 sources.
  • A brief survey of the state of the art

Two webinars to unveil results

To launch this white paper, we are organizing two webinars: one in English (October 26) and the other in Portuguese (October 27), taking place simultaneously to welcome participants from all over the world. The schedule is as follows: 10am in New York, 11am in Brasília and 4pm in Paris.

During these webinars, the MORFO team and speakers will discuss :

  • Solutions to speed up reforestation.
  • Regulatory challenges and the redefinition of credits.
  • Discussion on the potential creation of a new certificate system.

Most importantly, these webinars will give you the opportunity to ask questions to the experts present.

Registration and access to the white paper are free, with the only requirement being that you participate in our study by answering three questions. Don't miss this opportunity to discuss the future of reforestation financing with us.

🌱 MORFO: A committed player in ecological restoration

At MORFO, we know that the fight against climate change is a race against time, and we're ready to meet the challenge. Our reforestation solution enables us to restore degraded natural areas on a large scale. Our goal: the resilience of restored forests.

Our mission is to restore and enhance the biodiversity of depopulated forests by facilitating precise reforestation with native plant species. We achieve this through rigorous scientific innovation, in-depth research and development, and the active participation of local communities.

From species analysis and selection to planting and monitoring, MORFO offers a complete 4-step ecological solution. With a single drone, we can process up to 50 hectares of forest imagery per day and plant 180 seed capsules every minute, even in difficult-to-access terrain. By ensuring local participation in our reforestation efforts, we not only restore ecosystems, but also help create sustainable livelihoods for vulnerable communities.

MORFO partners with world-renowned scientific institutions such as the University of Sao Carlos UFScar, the Brazilian agronomy society EMBRAPA, and the trio of French laboratories INRAE, IRD and CIRAD.

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Lorie Louque
Environmental Content Manager
- Paris, France

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