How do you find the best balance between quality and price in a forest restoration project?

webinar about forest restoration
September 4, 2023

Take part in MORFO's next webinar!

After two webinars with over 500 participants, MORFO continues its series of online conferences! The next webinar will be held on October 19, in Portuguese. To take part in this webinar entitled "How to find the best balance between quality and price in a forest restoration project", please fill in this form :

Our speakers for this event will be :

  • Álvaro Nogueira de Souza, Associate Professor at the University of Brasília
  • Flavia Toledo, Environmental Leader, Horizonte Minerals Brazil
  • Nayana Marques, Gerente de Licenciamentos Ambientais, Mosaic Fertilizantes
  • Gregory Maitre, CEO of Morfo Brasil

A webinar to better understand the costs of a reforestation project

During this webinar, our experts will discuss the following topics:

  • Assessing the quality of forest restoration and the key factors to be taken into account in this assessment.
  • How do you optimize costs without compromising quality?
  • How can we mitigate the risks associated with prioritizing price over quality in forest restoration projects?
  • Integrating research, innovative approaches and technology for cost-effective results.
  • Case studies

The webinar lasts one hour, during which each speaker can present his or her own vision and research. Don't miss this opportunity, reserve your place now!

When? Thursday, October 19, 2023, from 11am to 12pm (UTC -03:00)

Where? On Zoom and LinkedIn

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MORFO has already organized several webinars for professionals. We invite you to discover these resources by viewing the full recordings or reading the summaries by following the links below:

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Find out more about MORFO, our forest restoration company

MORFO has developed a solution for large-scale ecological restoration of forest ecosystems. We restore areas, mainly concentrated in tropical and subtropical regions such as the Atlantic Forest and the African Equatorial Forest, that were once forested and have been deforested, thus becoming unproductive.

Our MORFO solution is a multi-stage reforestation process:

1 > Analysis

Firstly, data collection via drones and satellites is used to analyze the area to be reforested.

2 > Seed selection and collection

Adapted local or even endemic species are selected from an in-house catalog (i.e. studied and tested in the laboratory). They are then collected by local communities to best meet ecosystem needs.

3 > Planting

Our drones disperse the seeds in capsules containing all the biological and nutritional elements needed for long-term reforestation. A single drone can treat up to 50 hectares per day, with each drone capable of planting 180 capsules per minute on steep, difficult-to-access terrain. That's 50 times faster than a traditional reforestation solution, without the months of nursery growth.

4 > Forest surveillance

The evolution of plantations is closely monitored over a period of 5 to 30 years through biomass, biodiversity and carbon stock monitoring, using images taken by drones and satellites. All data is accessible to our customers on a website available at all times.

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