Discover MORFO: 4 reasons to conduct a reforestation project with our solution

January 10, 2023

Summary: 4 reasons to trust Morfo to restore a forest ecosystem

  • High operational capabilities: 50 times faster than a traditional reforestation solution, MORFO can deploy a project in a few weeks, securely, on any terrain
  • A strong ecological impact: very diversified restoration including local and even endemic species, ecosystemic and educational approach.
  • Data sharing: our customers have access to our monitoring application, displaying a clear and transparent presentation of data with images, maps and key figures.
  • Strong collaboration with local people: local people are at the heart of every project, including seed collection, land preparation, planting assistance and monitoring. MORFO creates local value and equitable economic redistribution.

We sustainably restore degraded ecosystems

The MORFO team has designed a complete drone-based reforestation solution combining seed encapsulation, microbiology and computer vision. In 2022, 90% of reforestation projects are still based on seedlings, with low biodiversity (45% of projects are monospecies according to the World Resources Institute). The level of pre-analysis is low and monitoring is rarely positive. Without technology, pre-analysis and monitoring are often difficult to do.

Our solutions:

  • allow the restoration of ecosystems
  • integrate all layers of the forest
  • maximize all interactions between plants, soils, animals, micro-organisms
  • take a fully ecosystem approach
  • build the forest to last
  • build the forest with an efficient operational approach
  • focus on understanding and monitoring each plantation, biodiversity, biomass and carbon.

More than a technique, our company MORFO undertakes a real project of complete and sustainable restoration of biodiversity with a rigorous consideration of the environmental and social impact of its deployment.

We have already successfully piloted several large-scale projects in Latin America and Equatorial Africa. Our proven method is now ready to be deployed through commercial contracts with industrialists, landowners, but also research centers and states.

As Pascal Asselin, one of our co-founders, explains, "MORFO offers a faster, less expensive solution that focuses on biodiversity and can be deployed on a large scale. We fully restore native and diverse forest ecosystems. We guarantee their longevity and thus fight against global warming".

MORFO combines Agritech, Computer Vision and Drones to fight global warming

The solution of our company MORFO is a reforestation process in several steps. First, a data collection via drone and satellite allows to analyze the area to be reforested. The appropriate species, local or even endemic, are selected from an internal catalog (i.e. studied and tested beforehand in the laboratory). They are then collected by local communities to best meet the needs of the ecosystem.

Following the analysis and collection phases, our drones disperse the seeds in capsules which contain all the biological and nutritional elements necessary for long-term reforestation. A single drone can process up to 50 hectares per day, each one being able to plant 180 capsules per minute on steep and difficult to access terrain. This is 50 times faster than a traditional reforestation solution, and without months of nursery growth.

Finally, the evolution of the plantations is the subject of particular attention thanks to a monitoring of the biomass, biodiversity and carbon stocks, using drone and satellite images.

As our client Frédéric Bart, Mining Environment Coordinator for the Eramet Group, explains, "MORFO's innovative approach completes our panel of revegetation solutions by allowing us to consider a quick intervention in difficult to access areas, while meeting our safety, biodiversity and quality monitoring requirements over time.

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Co-founder & CEO
Adrien Pagès
- Paris, France

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